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Welcome to
What I Ate.  What did I eat today?  Was it good?  Was it appetizing?  
What kind of food?  Who made it?  Who wants to know?  

Yum!  WhatIAte is the food and wine photostory blog everyone's jawing about!!

Behold and experience.  Post and view articles and photos of food you eat and drink.  
Now you can register your delight/disgust with your culinary adventures.  
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, scraps, dessert, junk, post it all!

The entire UNIVERSE (past and present) is dying to know WHAT I ATE!
Upload your stories and pictures of what you ate today! -- No login required.
Tell the world what you ate today.  Post your experience in many categories!  Airline food, fast food, home made, hospital food, ethnic delights!  Restaurant food, whether good or bad, tell everyone!  Wedding food, barfood (barf-food?), stadium snacks, even non-edibles you actually ate!  Anything goes in this fantastic message board (for now)!

Come on in and post your pictures today, or just browse around and see what other people put in their mouths.  Try to keep it clean.  Well, whatever.
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What I Ate! Article Index
The premiere food blog.
Post and view articles! Upload photos and stories of all the things you eat and drink!  
Publish your dining and cooking life experiences (success or fail) for all to see.
You must have had at least one proud moment in the kitchen, or one great dinner party accomplishment.  
Remember how you whipped up that last-second masterpiece when you forgot your about your wife's executive officer appraisal dinner where they were going to judge her for the new managing partner position?
Or the time you slapped out those 400 open-faced peanut butter biscuits for your own wedding?
Maybe it was just something you ate.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, scraps, dessert, junk, post it all!

Follow the menus above (of course) to review and post pictures of WHAT I ATE !

Publish a feature about your favorite restaurant in town.  
Upload the worst meal you ever had!  What was the _____st thing you put in your mouth?
Tell your story of great culinary magnitude!

Tell the world what you ate today.
Post your experience within many categories!
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